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CMA Programme


Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation which is solely done by human mind using mental power or performing mathematical calculations mentally, without using any physical or external instruments such as a computer, calculator, paper or pencil.


CMA Mental Arithmetic (both-hand abacus system) taps the mental capabilities of human brain to solve mathematical problems with speed and accuracy by visualizing the abacus in one's mind, thus stimulating the right and left brain while doing computation.


 By learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic using both hands, one can:

Stimulate the sense of sight.
Stimulate the hearing sense.
Stimulate the sense of feeling.
Stimulate the ability to imagine.

When the 4 respective organs are stimulated simultaneously, a person's intellectuality will be enhanced quickly.

The advantages of learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (both-hand abacus system).

 People who have mastered Abacus and Mental Arithmetic
(Two-Hand Abacus     System) demonstrate these positive results:

  • More developed left and right brain
  • Brain beta wave frequency formation
  • Improved calculation skill
  • Keener sense of sight, hearing and feeling
  • Improved concentration and absorption power.
  • Improved analytical and logical skills
  • Better creative and imaginative skills
  • Better memory power
  • More Self-confidence
  • More Self-reliant
  • Better comprehension skills
  • Sharper Observation capabilities
  • Improved endurance
  • Improved reflexes

(A) Courses offered by CMA

The ever increasing awareness of the significance of IT application has led CMA to develop a programme that has an academic as well as a technology focus. In keeping with the global technological advancements, our centre is a leading Mental Arithmetic Education Organization that uses multimedia-teaching techniques.

CMA offers wide range of Mental Arithmetic education learning and development programmes for people of different ages from 4-100 years old.

 Courses Offered By CMA For:


Program 1:  Kinder Program (for children below 6 years old)

Fun Learning
Students who may qualify to enroll in the Kinder Program should, at least, be able to understand, read and write 0-9.   A diagnostic test is given to the child to determine his preparedness for CMA programme.

The programme aims to familiarise the pre-schoolers with the concepts of the two hand abacus mental arithmetic theory and the basic arithmetic formula of subtraction and addition. . By the time they complete the programme, the students are expected to do simple addition and subtraction of a series of numbers.

Program 2:  Primary Programme (for children aged from 7 to 13 years old)

Listen-and-count training to train students'
hearing ability, concentration and memory.

This programme is open to the primary students from Primary 1 and higher.
The program starts with the basic foundation course in a fun way where in the concept, methodology, usage of Abacus and the fingering movements of beads using both hands simultaneously are introduced. Thereafter, the course progresses to next higher levels. The next higher levels classes will use the formula and abacus skills learned in basic level to project the imaginary abacus in the students’ mind.  Number will be converted to beads of the abacus in the student’s mind.  With practice, student’s mental calculation skills develop.  In the advanced classes, the abacus is withdrawn from the child and they are trained to visualize an “Imaginary Abacus” to perform different types of mathematical calculations mentally.  By this stage, students will have developed the skills of amazingly fast mental calculations just by looking at the numbers.

Program 3:  Youths/Adults (for learner aged from 14 years old and above)

Online learning

Boost your brain
Remember Newton’s Law – an object in motion tends to stay in motion.  Tweak this theory to apply to your mind, and you will be able to have a mental quickness that improves with age, and bring on the onset of wisdom instead of the “wondering-where-you-left-your-keys?”

Exercise your mind and indulge in mental challenges, by learning CMA an intellectually stimulating Mental Arithmetic programme.  Doing number puzzles or completing difficult mental tasks stimulate the regeneration of nerve endings in the brain.  Keep counting, keep thinking and you’ll keep your wits about you as you age.

This program is specially designed for matured learners who missed out the opportunities to learn the mental arithmetic skill in early years but are interested in uncovering the myths of abacus and at the same time, in acquiring the great benefits the abacus can offer.  It is never too late for one to acquire these skills so as to improve one’s memory, concentration and mental power, of these important assets in this knowledge economy.

Grading Examination

At CMA, every student sits for the international level examinations which are held quarterly in the respective CMA centres. Any student who has passed the grading exam for each level, obtaining a minimum score of 70%, will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition by CMA International Institute as proof of a student’s competence in abacus arithmetic, mental arithmetic, and aural mental arithmetic.  After completion of the assessment at every level, the student can proceed onto the next level.  All aspects of the grading examinations including materials will be handled and provided by CMA.

Program 4:  Certified Trainer Course

Graduated CMA Teachers

CMA provides one of the most comprehensive Abacus Mental Arithmetic Teacher's Training Programme worldwide.
CMA has developed structured curriculum to provide intensive training for teachers. Teachers will be equipped with knowledge and lesson plans to teach and to run the full course efficiently. The training is designed to train any individual who is interested in investing in the education business or being trained as educators.

Teaching Modules

  • Skills on Abacus Arithmetic and Mental Arithmetic Two-hand System
  • Sharing CMA Philosophy
  • Practical Training
  • Understanding Teaching Materials

You will have the advantage of training with an internationally acclaimed system, which is far superior to those prevalent in the market today.

Who can join CMA Certified Trainer Course?

  • People who are interested to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic.
  • People who have time to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic.


to CMA courses.  Please call: +603-9059 3813 to find out more.