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Certified Trainer Course

  Sharing Mr Tai Chiang Ching's Philosophy - Founder of CMA

"My aspiration is to train more teachers, and hopefully in return, these trained teachers will train more students. My personal goal and wish is to introduce and promote mental arithmetic both-hand abacus system worldwide. But I am not able to do this alone, I have to train many teachers in order to teach more students. Essentially, we have to use many channels, help from others and strategic planning in order to achieve our goal.

Here, I noticed that in order to get more students, we need to train more teachers. To achieve this goal, our teaching quality, teaching materials and teaching methods must be unique and different from others. This means that our teaching method must be comprehensive to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness."

Teaching Modules

  • Skills on Two-hand abacus system   
  • Sharing CMA philosophy
  • Practical training
  • Understanding Teaching Materials

CMA provides one of the most comprehensive Abacus Mental Arithmetic Teacher's Training Program worldwide.

CMA has developed structured curriculum to provide intensive training for teachers. Teachers will be equipped with knowledge and lesson plans to teach and to run the full course efficiently. The training is designed to train any individual who is interested in investing in the education business or being trained as educators.

You will have the advantage of training with an internationally acclaimed system, which is far superior to those prevalent in the market today.

Who can join CMA teacher's training ?

  •  Anyone who is interested to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic.
  •  Anyone who has time to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic.

    Effects After Training

  1. To have confidence in teaching Abacus Mental Arithmetic.
  2. To have the capability to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic.

Teacher's Testimonial

Some of the testimonials from teachers trained by CMA:

I am happy to have learnt how to use the abacus as well as two-hand mental arithmetic system. I feel good to know the little tricks that those 'geniuses' use to do those complex calculations. CMA has a very comprehensive system for us to pass the knowledge of mental arithmetic to the young people.
Anna Tan, Penang, Malaysia ( March 2003)

Very comprehensive teaching techniques. Very complete and easy to follow lesson plan.
 Krishna Malar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( September 2003)

It is very good for example I can learn more new teaching techniques, know more about mental arithmetic and abacus. I have discovered that abacus can make mathematics simpler. I enjoy the environment with music and activities. Thank you very much.
Chin Lee Lian, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( September 2003)

The training is fun and interesting. Helps us to see another technique of calculation. The syllabus covered were detailed. The trainer is able to reach us. It is very challenging and educating programme.
Zaleha Idris, Johor, Malaysia ( October 2003)

Very enlightening and fruitful. I admit that I have no prior knowledge in handling the abacus but after training, I can confidently say that I can handle the abacus quite well. I can sincerely say that I have reached this level due to the method of teaching by CMA. Very professional but the most refreshing part was that a lot of psychology was used in handling children. CMA's methods are very different from any of the other courses I have attended.
Chanthra Nair, Johor, Malaysia (October 2003)

Overall the training was very enriching. A lot was received within the short period of time. The trainer has shown us the way to succeed in our endeavour to achieve the concept of mental abacus. In conclusion, I have the confidence to train my teachers and students.
Elizabeth, Johor, Malaysia (October 2003)

This is my first time to actually learn abacus. The teaching method that was given has enabled me to understand. Beside algebraic and others in Mathematic World, I learn the most efficient and creative thinking skill which is abacus. It's a wonderful thing that abacus exist in Mathematics World cause it is such an interesting method to help a person stimulate their brain.
Ku Lay Har, Marine Crescent, Singapore (October 2003)

It's great. I learn something new. Thank you, CMA.
Balasubramaniam a/l Tharmiah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (October 2003)

I feel that I have learnt a lot, especially on how to speak to my students, how to present myself to others and how to deal with conducting the lessons. At the beginning, I had zero public relation skills but now I know quite a lot. This course is very effective and guarantees success! Even the shyest person can teach!
Delphanie Phua, Singapore (November 2003)

I have learnt how to use abacus with confidence. Good way to train us to use imagination of students in class and to interact with them.
Yip Kam Yoke, Selangor, Malaysia (November 2003)

The abacus system taught is comprehensive, the exercise given is easy to do and understand. Presentation is very well done.
Wu Swee Weng, Kuala Lumpur (December 2003)

The 2-day training met my objectives:
Abacus both hand training has the competitive edge in Mental Arithmetic market.CMA is very professional in its training programme and has a very pleasant environment. The training structure was very well planned and the role playing was good indeed, since I am not a teacher before.Very good materials were supplied to the participants and also very practical especially if one were to start it as a business. I was able to understand all topics covered. A special thanks to CMA.
CT Wong, Selangor, Malaysia (December 2003)

Very good course. I learnt more than I expected.
Musalmah Muhamad, Selangor, Malaysia (March 2004)

Overall I enjoyed this training because I obtained a lot of valuable, worthwhile and precious pointers.
S. Manjula, Selangor, Malaysia (March 2004)

I enjoyed the training very much. I have learnt a lot of things from CMA. The training has given me confidence. It was very interesting. Very, very well done and congratulations CMA.
Bong Siew Fa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (April 2004)

CMA has very well organised and systematic method in helping students and teachers. I have better understanding and good impression on mental arithmetic. I feel more confident now.
Jelise Toon, Penang, Malaysia (May 2004)

Good training session given. Learnt exciting and fund methods of teaching skills. Effective training and not boring. The facilitator explained clearly and detailed.
Li Bee, Perak, Malaysia (August 2004)

Teaching materials are well prepared. Effective teaching with small class number. This gives me greater learning desire. Besides learning the skills in applying abacus and mental, the teaching has also given me more confident to be a teacher (since I don't have teaching experience). All the staff in the centre is indeed very friendly.
Audrey How, Selangor, Malaysia (August 2004)

I've learnt a lot of teaching techniques and, especially the two-hand method of mental arithmetic. The materials given are sufficient. The music was relaxing. The trainer is well prepared with all the materials and I hope all that I've learnt today can help my students in future.
WK Beh, Penang, Malaysia (August 2004)

Very clear explanation, materials complete, knowledgeable & friendly trainer, good voice tone, plesant environment, caring & sincere. Training is not boring.
Angel Chan, Penang, Malaysia (August 2004)

I'm satisfied with the teaching. It has been wonderful. The trainer had always attended to my doubts which I feel good about.
Shanti, Penang, Malaysia (August 2004)

The training has been very interesting and makes me realise that mental arithmetic really stimulates both sides of my brain.  Most of all, the training given is excellent.  Very good trainer and guide us through effortlessly.  the method and skill in this training are amazing and I really want to thank the founder, Mr Tai for a fantastic R & D work.
Pamela Yew, Selangor, Malaysia (October 2004)

Saya rasa beruntung kerana dapat menghadiri kursus ini.  Guru yang mengajar begitu berdisiplin dan teliti.  Apa yang ingin saya tahu, telah saya pelajari dan saya puas hati.  Terima kasih kepada guru-guru yang mengendalikan kursus ini.  Saya lebih berkeyakinan sekarang.  Saya akan menjadikan matematik matapelajaran yang disukai semua anak murid saya.
Lailatul Naim Ibrahim, Selangor, Malaysia (December 2004)

The course is well structured.  It has given me a good foundation in both abacus and mental arithmetic.  Time management by trainer is good.  From the course materials and other VCDs that was presented, I can see that CMA has put in a lot of effort to share the 'secrets' of abacus and mental arithmetic with others.
KW Chan, Selangor, Malaysia (December 2004)

Interesting and addictive.  It gives me the opportunity to teach my children and others.
 SS Lum, Auckland, New Zealand (January 2005)

The trainer is very committed. The lesson guide incorporated in the handouts is a great tool to help me start teaching.
 Chong Suit Peng, Selangor  (January 2005)

Good training with lots of practice sessions.  It helped me to evaluate the whole CMA program. Its founder, his philosophy and the system.  The trainer was very good and clear.  Systematic training. 
 Sunil Kumar, India (March 2005)

The technique is very easy to understand.
  Atheline, Selangor (March 2005)

I learnt a lot in this training.  A wonderful class that shared ideas on teaching and abacus skills.  Trainer is very polite, hardworking and cooperative in answering our questions.
  L. Kesavan, Penang  (April 2005)

The training is enjoyable, very concise and not boring at all.  Very good training kits with clear instructions.  Able to present the concepts well.  The programme is so easily understood by persons with no background on abacus mental arithmetic.
 Serena Seah, Johor (April 2005)

I underwent 2 years teacher's training course before but had not experienced such great motivation given by CMA. I begin to think that this programme can help change the future generation.  This teacher's training is the most effective one. 
 Rekha V., India (April 2005)

The environment was conducive.  The teaching materials and aids were good.  The trainer was clear in the teaching; easily understandable with good examples.  Overall, I am satisfied and convinced that I had made the right decision to undergo this training.
  Jasmin Emmanuel, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (April 2005)

Excellent training.  Trainer has good style in her teaching.  Patient, attentive and gives a lot of detailed explanation on every topic.
  John Khaw, Kuala Lumpur (April 2005)

Training is well-paced.  Interesting presentation. The role-play was helpful.  Excellent teaching materials and exercises given.  I have an intuitive feeling that CMA has unreservedly given out all the invaluable experiences, research, knowledge gained to their participants.
  Solomon, England (April 2005)

The training is very systematic and well prepared.  The methods were explained in their simplest forms but yet very effective.  We have been taught not only on the technical side, but also on the human approach towards our students and children. 
HF Lim, Klang, Selangor (May 2005)

 A very interesting course.  The trainer was clear and systematic.  Great environment and l like the personal attention given to me. 
BL Lee, Kuala Lumpur (August 2005)

The training is very systematic.  I enjoyed learning.  With the confidence and support given by the trainer, I am going to start classes at my centre.
Prabhdeep Kaur, Selangor (August 2005)

It's an amazing course!  I never thought that I could learn so much.  I will definitely recommend  this training to my friends. 
Rachel Wong, Kuala Lumpur (September 2005)

Coming to this training is not by chance.  I have personally learnt a lot.  Systematic and compact training.  I am more confident to teach now. 
HL Ghan, Kuala Lumpur (September 2005)

The training is well organised and systematic.  The trainer is dynamic.  I have learnt a lot.
  SL Chan, Kuala Lumpur
(September 2005)

Before attending this training, I have zero knowledge on abacus mental arithmetic.  But now I have learnt this new magic.  The trainer conducted the class with joy.  The founder is a genius.
SS Lim, Selangor (September 2005)

A great course.  I have gotten what I want and what I expected.  I am very satisfied with the learning environment. 
YL Tee, Selangor (September 2005)

Good training and learning mental arithmetic not only improves one's mathematical skill but also improve discipline in life.  I enjoy it.
  Violet Ho, Negeri Sembilan (September 2005)

The trainer did a great job.  I came not knowing a single thing about Mental Arithmetic and now, I can teach with even more confidence.  It has helped me tremendously.  The trainer made it fun and simple.
  Joyce Chew, Selangor (September 2005)

The course was comprehensive, systematic and well-structured.  Overall was a good experience and exposure.
Rose Yong, Kuala Lumpur (December 2005)

The training is comprehensive and clear.  The trainer has been generous with knowledge and information as well as patient in teaching.  The modules are well spaced out with appropriate activities.  Good facilities and well-equipped. 
Zee, Kuala Lumpur (March 2006)

The trainer is competent.  Speaks well, clear and taught in a systematic manner.  Very encouraging and praises appropriately.  I have gained much confidence through the trainer's guidance.  CMA programme is stimulating and challenging.  I would certainly recommend it to my friends. 
Mary Tang, Kuala Lumpur (March 2006)

I found the trainer to be a very positive, detailed and intelligent person.  The trainer presented the materials clearly and well.  Had also encourage us to be confident and positive thinkers.  This teacher's training has covered all areas including mental, physical, emotional and psychological.
  Lily Ong, Kuala Lumpur (March 2006)

Very systematic.  I like the emphasis on quality of training and customer service.  Very comprehensive.  The trainer is passionate in her teaching. 
Debra Yeoh, Selangor (March 2006)

Lessons were well prepared.  Trainer communicates well with fellow trainees and good control of lessons. Good trainer-trainee interaction. 
HJ The, Kuala Lumpur (July 2006)

I enjoyed tremendously and truly benefited from the training.  The trainer is simply smashing.  Course conducted in a very professional and well-structured way.  I am impressed by the teaching philosophy.  To summarise, I am impressed with CMA programme.  I see a great potential in it. 
WC Fong, Kuala Lumpur (July 2006)

Thanks to the founder for giving me a chance to learn Abacus Mental Arithmetic because of your invention, many benefited and I did.  I made the right choice.  I want to share CMA programme with the Korean children.
 Irene Chong, Kuala Lumpur (July 2006)

Training is concise, straight to the point and very clear.  Very well organised and well collaborated.
 Angeline Tajem, Kuala Lumpur (September 2006)

I have learnt a lot.  This training also helps me to communicate with people.  The trainer was patient and gave me a lot of help. 
HJ Soo, Kuala Lumpur (September 2006)

Intensive yet engaging.  Materials are concise and the multimedia sessions help make it more interesting.  The trainer is very patient, reassuring, dynamic and very inspiring. 
Vivian Lee, Singapore (September 2006)

I have learnt a lot and the trainer was patient to teach me. 
Sky Seng, Singapore (September 2006)

The course is very organised.  The trainer is so experienced.  The training has not only taught me how to teach but also taught me how to love people around us.  It also taught  me how to continue my life more meaningfully and with dignity. 
CB Lim, Singapore (September 2006)

The trainer is very patient, interesting and knowledgeable.  I am happy to be here.  I can only say the trainer is Great.
KN Toh, Singapore (September 2006)

The trainer is dedicated and is truly passionate. I believe with the trainer's guidance, CMA will do well. I am impressed by the attention to minor details. It shows that a lot of work and experience have gone into having this programme. Great job!
S.C. Chin, Selangor (October 2006)

The training is well-organised and systematic. The role-play in class management benefited us. The speed of teaching is not too fast or too slow; just nice. The trainer is patient and generous in her knowledge sharing. I can tell that her trainees, like us have learnt and benefited a lot from her teaching.
Cass, Singapore (December 2006)

The trainer is patient and dedicated in her teaching and sharing of her knowledge and experience. I appreciate it. A big thank you to CMA founder for having this course. We look forward to grow and improve ourselves in this big family of CMA.
Jason Tan, Singapore (December 2006)

The training is intensive and very beneficial. We managed to have clear concepts of the abacus rudiments and the methods for the more complex sums. What is also important is that tips on teaching and presentation are also taught. I like it especially when the trainer shares with us the actual experience and practical response to situations in the classroom. That's a bonus.
Eleanor Tan, Singapore (December 2006)

It has been an eye opener to attend this course and is better than what I expected. It has also inspired me on how to be a good teacher and achieve what I want in life. The trainer is a great teacher who has passion and commitment; able to deliver the concepts clearly to us, as well as inspire us to go further in life. I have learnt so much, not only in abacus mental arithmetic but also on human relationship.
H.J. Ho, Singapore (December 2006)

The training has been beneficial to me in the sense that it improved my focus and memory. It was delivered in a very good way; not monotonous but interactive. The trainer is professional.
Nancy H., Philippines (December 2006)

I have no regrets to attend this CMA training. I am very satisfied with the money that I had paid for as I learnt many things. I learnt how to be successful, confident, a great parent and teacher. The trainer paid full attention on me with patience and clear explanation.
C.E. Ooi, Taiping (Jan 2007)

The course is well planned with the important points covered. The trainer is very experienced and professional.
Laura Lee, Singapore (Jan 2007)

Excellent materials for attendees to understand the program. Presenter is able to deliver the class very well.
MK, Singapore (Jan 2007)

I am very amazed with the entire program. Have great faith in the organisation and their committed people. Instructor is committed, patient, dedicated and very enthusiastic. I am particularly impressed with the details and course materials that are available. On time, disciplined and conducive environment. Very motivational exercises.
Matthew Ng, Singapore (Jan 2007)

Excellent training program. Trainer has a vast knowledge on the subject. Her passion to impart knowledge/skills to the class is evident.
Audrey Lim, Singapore (Jan 2007)

My deepest appreciation given to CMA and its trainer. What is promised has been delivered. I would give a Grade A+ for Service, A+ for Teacher's Training and A* for Trainer's Commitment.
Wendy Wong, Singapore (Jan 2007)

I have gained much knowledge about abacus which I have no knowledge of it earlier. It has enhanced my counting and mental calculations tremendously. I have learnt to be more patient teaching my son now. I hope to teach my son and even other kids in the future.
Terese Lew, Singapore (Jan 2007)

The trainer is passionate, dynamic and energetic who planned every single detail. This training is professional. It was enjoyable and fun. I have built my confidence.
C.K. Whan, Kuala Lumpur (Feb 2007)

Very interesting. It's a very useful knowledge that I have taken away with me today. Trainers of CMA are very sincere and helpful. I can sense their passion to share their knowledge and sincerely want the best for their students.
Cynthia Chow, Singapore (Mar 2007)

I'm glad that I took the first step to attend this course. After this, I'm sure my life is going to have a great change. I am amazed. After this training, I am confident to start teaching abacus mental arithmetic to students.
SS Tan, Singapore (Mar 2007)

Quality training. The trainer is excellent. She is very knowledgeable and he positive personality keeps the momentum going and she made learning more interesting.
LY Leong, U.S.A. (Mar 2007)

The lessons are very focused on how to guide teachers to teach students. The trainer is very friendly, extremely patient and observant.
SM Tan, Singapore (Mar 2007)

I have learnt and grasp so much given that I have never done abacus learning before. The trainer is very clear in her approach and very motivating. I am confident that I can coach my child better and even teach other children.
SF Muck, Singapore (Mar 2007)

This training can help anyone who may need to learn how to start or teach others better. It offers a comprehensive overall solution to help teach with ease, confidence and with system.
Andrew Ting, Kuala Lumpur (Mar 2007)

Good training can produce good trainers. The trainer is caring, has good presentation and communication skills. The trainer shares knowledge of her own experiences with trainees.
LY Goh, Kuala Lumpur (Mar 2007)

This program really opens my eyes about what is abacus and mental arithmetic. I learnt how to have positive attitude and to apply it in teaching. Good trainer. I did not feel bored or sleepy in the class as it is very interesting. It will help us to do our best in teaching in the future.
LT Tan, Kuala Lumpur (Mar 2007)

Very interesting. Trainer gives very detailed explanation. It can benefit my own centre and to have bright future. I would like to thank the Master and Trainer who bring this training to us. Dedicated trainer.
Brenda Kong, Selangor (Mar 2007)

My sincere opinion:- We had a wonderful learning session, Training was conducted interestingly and lively, Have learnt a lot. It has benefited me and it will benefit others as well when I bring this to the field.
Shashi, Selangor (Mar 2007)

The training is comprehensive and very informative. I am able to learn and use abacus although I have zero knowledge in abacus initially. The trainer is very dedicated in teaching and sharing knowledge. All the topics are well explained and the modules are very well prepared.
Bala, Kedah (Mar 2007)

The training is well organised, systematic and comprehensive. It is really amazing compared to one-hand system. The trainer is the best whom I met for abacus mental arithmetic. Easy to follow system and the materials are wonderful. It suits learners of all ages.
S.Y. Chin, Johor (April 2007)

The training programme is very comprehensive and well-paced. It goes into very detail and compact. The trainer is very dedicated, responsible and friendly. She gives a lot of personal attention to the participants. I would like to recommend this programme to others. Thank you so much and I really appreciate it. Well done!
L.L. Goh, Johor(April 2007)

My training has been a real experience. It has been very informative, educational and self enriching. The trainer is very knowledgeable and very experienced and well prepared. Her understanding of the materials and teaching method is also excellent. Overall it has been worthwhile. Will bring all I have learnt back to my tuition centre.
Peter Wong, Selangor (June 2007)

I would like to thank the founder for introducing such a wonderful method and also the trainer who has given me so much courage and motivation during the training session. She is full of enthusiasm, positive attitude and motivated teacher I have ever come across. May God bless you.
Rajani, India(June 2007)

Very well organised, easy to understand and teaching material is easy to follow. The trainer is very professional who also shared teaching tips and very good motivating stories.
L.P. Wong, Kuala Lumpur(June 2007)

The trainer had thoroughly taught us. I could sense that she had the same heartbeat/passion as the founder, imparting all that she knew to us. She was able to teach something that could be mundane (long hours of seat work) in a very light-hearted manner. I have benefited tremendously. Thanks to the trainer!
Ariana Tan, Singapore (June 2007)

I am amazed that we not only able to grasp how the abacus works, but also the gist of how the business works. The lessons are fun and interesting. The fact that we can complete so many exercises is a miracle! The trainer has also added much jest and vibrance to the class. She possess in-depth knowledge of the subject, has been able to explain the concepts clearly and has been generous in sharing her experience.
T.I. Lim, Singapore(June 2007)

The training has been very intensive and interesting. I have learnt a lot. The trainer made the lesson very lively, clear in her teaching and instruction. I hope to have more opportunity to learn from her again. The training has opened me up to be able to handle bigger numbers. It boosts my confidence in teaching others and indeed, it has made me a smarter person! Thank you.
Jeslyn Soon, Singapore(June 2007)

The trainer is excellent. I am marveled by how effective the teaching method has impacted in stimulating the imaging and logical development of the brain. I would consider seriously into setting up a franchise centre. Thanks CMA for the fantastic training! Keep it up!
Sandy Chua, Singapore (June 2007)

The trainer is clear, patient and able to clarify matters for us. She made the lesson enjoyable and not dragging.
Farhain, Singapore(June 2007)

The trainer is very gentle, experience, clever and patient. She teaches us to become more experience and to have positive skill. I am confident to become a good teacher in CMA.
G.W. Yeo, Johor (June 2007)

I am privileged to be able to attend and enjoy the training. The trainer had made the lesson so easy that I could not put my hands off the abacus. It is now not difficult to use. Thank you for bringing this program. I firmly believe that CMA can create many, many genius kids in time to come. Cheers!
Cindy, Singapore (June 2007)

The course is well structured and the delivery very systematic. I have gained tremendous knowledge from this course. I am now confident to commence teaching. The trainer is able to give very clear delivery and has shared her invaluable experience with the class. She is also passionate about what she is doing that you can be influenced by her. She has done well for the benefits of the trainees.
Jancy Tan, Singapore (June 2007)

I enjoy the training very much with the Trainer. She has conducted the training with much fun and sharing her experience with us. She makes us understand the concept before moving on to the next one. She is always there to help anyone who has a problem. She is a great teacher. The training is structured and enjoyable. The practices help me understand mental arithmetic better. I understand that the left to right method of calculation is faster than the conventional method.
Y.H. Chia, Singapore (June 2007)

The course was interesting. The course has given someone novice a clear picture of what to expect if we would like to choose this as a career. I learnt some good points from the trainer and it will be useful to apply it to the centre that we are opening soon. Thanks.
W.K. Koh, Singapore (June 2007)

The trainer is very passionate and gives strong motivation to all the trainees. CMA is very systematic and this gives confidence to teachers and even new teachers to start classes. Thanks to the founder and trainer. It is a Success!
M.Y. Wong, Kuala Lumpur (June 2007)

The training is really good. I would like to thank the trainer who has shared her experiences and made us more positive. It has helped me to understand the benefits for learning CMA. I hope to create a better future for sharing this great skill with other children. Thank you!
Edmond Leung, Hong Kong (June 2007)

The trainer is very good, passionate in her teaching. Very experienced and takes great pain to demonstrate each task diligently and clearly. She is very approachable and goes out of her way to help us and ensure we are looked after. I would like to share this knowledge with children in Melbourne so that it benefits them and also in the long run help me to be more successful.
Amy K., Australia (June 2007)

The training has been very useful and helpful in providing me with an understanding of the knowledge of abacus and mental arithmetic. I have seen the wonders of how this can develop a child's total brain.? I hope to share this amazing method with others so that they can develop mentally and emotionally. The trainer is fantastic.
W.M. Lim, Singapore (August 2007)

It has been an enriching and fruitful experience. The content of the training is very concise and succinct. The trainer is approachable and friendly. She is able to motivate us and make learning of abacus fun. The trainer is very clear in her explanations and provides us with useful tips in the teaching of abacus.
Brenda Kok, Singapore (August 2007)

The trainer is very good throughout the training, I have gained a lot from the teaching. I can guide my son with his CMA lessons now. Thanks to the trainer, CMA and the Founder.
S.K. Tan, Singapore (August 2007)

The trainer is very good, I have learnt a lot. She has taught me all the techniques, methods in mental abacus arithmetic using the both-hand system in a very well-organised manner. I have built-up my confidence level. I really never regretted joining this training. Now, I will be able to teach my son using positive and the fun way.
G.L. Lee, Singapore (August 2007)

The training was interesting and meaningful because I have learnt different methods of teaching as well as learning how to calculate using abacus and mental arithmetic. I have no regrets attending this training. I thank the trainer, who is so passionate, patient, kind in guiding and helpful throughout the training. I learnt a lot from her as she always shares her own experiences and knowledge.
Looi, Perak (August 2007)

The trainer is able to convey the message. I am very impressed on the demonstration by the children. I must thank the trainer.
P.Y. Chia (August 2007)

I have been trained by a very special person, the trainer. I sensed her helping hand and a lot of care about my career to make my dream come true to be a CMA trainer. Thank you very much for everything you had taught and done for me. Wish you all the best and good-luck. Thanks again!!!
Angie, New York (August 2007)

I came in with zero knowledge and now I use the abacus like I have been using it for a long time. All this skill I adopt during this training. The training is very structured and well organised. Thanks to the trainer for giving me this opportunity to learn a new knowledge. I will start CMA centre in the near future.
Azmin, Selangor (August 2007)

The training is very resourceful, wonderful techniques and well structured. I believe a lot of research and study have been done to come out with such great programme. I strongly believe this programme can create thousands of great minds of kids all over the world. I have learnt so much and I am amazed with my achievement. The trainer is well prepared and inspiring. The training was delivered successfully and easy to understand. Anyone can be a successful teacher if they follow the lessons taught by the trainer. I shall open a CMA centre and assist as many kids as I can; to create great minds.
Ruhaizad, Selangor (August 2007)

Thanks to the trainer and founder for bringing this excellent mental arithmetic to Malaysia. I could understand the trainer well. I admire the passion of CMA group. Thanks.
Emily Teoh, Penang (August 2007)

I received more than what I expected from this training. The trainer is fantastic, being able to present very well on each point, motivating me a lot to be more confident to be a CMA teacher. Now I am more confident and able to imagine that one day I can be a professional CMA teacher. The course was fun and not boring at all. Thanks to CMA founder and the trainer!
Alice Teoh, Penang (August 2007)

The trainer is very confident and makes all the teachings very clear and precise. She is very helpful and attentive and makes sure all of us learn and understand the lessons. The training gives me a complete understanding of abacus and mental arithmetic. The teaching guide shows us how possible we can start teaching mental arithmetic.
Ivy Voon, Selangor (August 2007)

The trainer's teaching is clear, loud, helpful, very generous and willing to help all the time. I am able to understand her teaching. She is very active and know her objectives well.
A.C. Tan, Johor (August 2007)

The trainer managed to convey the rudiments of abacus mental arithmetic. Very good, full of enthusiasm and cheerful presentation. Very caring, passionate about CMA systems and very helpful person. I really enjoyed this learning and have benefited from it.
K.L. Chang, Kuala Lumpur (August 2007)

Very good guidance for teachers, especially new teachers on the planning of the lessons.
Alvin Chai, Kuala Lumpur (August 2007)

Have been very worthy to be able to attend the training. The trainer has been very good; patient, passionate and enthusiastic in the trainees' progress. Keep up the good work to train many more trainees. Than you very much to CMA founder and trainer.
Edward Yeo, Johor (August 2007)

A mind blowing session, where I never attended before. Gain good booster for my brain and hands. The trainer was great. I treasure what I have learnt and will give the knowledge to others. Thank you for the great time. I will start a CMA centre by end of the year.
Subashiny, Kuala Lumpur (August 2007)

Very knowledgeable trainer. An eye-opener. To establish CMA centre within the next 30 days.
Nehru, Kuala Lumpur (August 2007)

I have learnt the proper ways to teach mental arithmetic. I have more confidence to run the mental arithmetic centre. Thanks to the trainer for your sincere sharing and teaching.
L.L. Ng, Johor (August 2007)

Excellent trainer. The trainer is well experienced. She shared her personal experience with me. I am able to understand and control students. Time flies without realising that it was already 5 p.m. The classes were not boring at all. Thank you and well done.
Susan Goh, Selangor (August 2007)

To CMA founder, I like your programme very much. I enjoy it. You have done a great job. The trainer has been very helpful throughout the programme which I feel worth paying for. Best of luck.
S. Zulhizad, Perak (August 2007)

I enjoyed the training. The trainer was so nice to teach us all. This is a very good course! I promise to take the trainer´s advice, to make some changes in my life in the future.
Munira, Sabah (Oct 2007)

I have gained a very valuable knowledge and experience in this course. I will apply my knowledge to train/teach others especially the young ones. The trainer is very good and knows in and out of the course. She is full of enthusiasm and energy to teach and train us. I am happy to attend this course and never felt bored. Thank you! BIG APPLAUSE TO THE TRAINNER!
Haslawati, Selangor (Oct 2007)

I came with 5% of knowledge in abacus and mental arithmetic. After being guided by the trainer, who has been very competent and dynamic in her training, she has shown me the uniqueness and excitement in teaching. With this new acquired skill, I can´t wait to return and introduce this system to the children in Kuching. I am very keen to start this programme in Kuching and am very confident that CMA will be able to excel in Kuching.
Magdeline Wee, Sarawak (Oct 2007)

CMA is great in Mental and Abacus Arithmetic. I learnt a lot from this training and I will try to apply or practise the exercises everyday until I operate a CMA centre.
Emily Tan, Kuala Lumpur (Oct 2007)

The training is very interesting. I gained a lot of knowledge/techniques on how to monitor or supervise children in a classroom. I learnt the skills by using abacus and mental arithmetic. The trainer is very knowledgeable and sincere.
Y.F. Lean, Selangor (Oct 2007)

I am surprised that I learnt so much from the trainer. Before, I was suspicious whether I could learn it up because I am very poor in mathematics. But after the training, I felt very happy because from nothing till now, I can understand abacus and mental arithmetic skills and also how to teach others. It´s very interesting! Thanks to the trainer, who has shared so much with us. She is attentive, passionate and interesting. Her attitude is nice too. I will never forget this training forever. Thanks to my boss, the trainer and Master Tai for letting me understand what CMA is. Thank you so much!
April Sai, Johor (Nov 2007)

Thanks to the trainer. I can now understand better. The trainer was good.
Jannie Tan, Johor (Dec 2007)

I have gained the maximum knowledge and practice. The trainer was very successful in conducting the sessions and guiding the participants through the activities. The training provided me with full perspective and a clear picture as to how I should teach others. I feel fully satisfied.
Halit Sen, Turkey (Jan 2008)

I have seen my partner teaching CMA at our centre. She is happy teaching the students, the students are happy too. They love the way she teaches them. I was impressed and wanted to learn the way she did. I am happy and grateful to be able attend this training now. It really provided me with a lot of information to start teaching when I return to Kuching. I have benefited a lot from the training. I am ready now!
SH Pui, Kuching (Jan 2008)

I came all the way from Sudan to Malaysia to attend the training. I learnt so much. The trainer changed my life. Now I am very happy and I will start to teach in Sudan.
Sara Darwish, Sudan (April 2008)

I am very lucky to attend CMA training. The trainer is wonderful who attracts your attention at every minute. She demonstrated all the process and easily reached our minds. I learnt from her what one may learn in a month or more. The training is really successful and amazing. I will not forget it and how I have the confidence to train other people in my country. I am so grateful to the trainer.
Nimat Gasim Elzubier, Sudan (April 2008)

I found this course on the internet and I decided to travel to Malaysia. I visited all other CMA centres and they are beautiful. The trainer taught me many skills step by step, I like her very much. I am happy because I become a member in CMA. The teaching materials and explanations are easy to understand. Their service is the best. The trainer is very good. I thank God for sending me to learn from her.
Yousra Alsheikh Darwish, Sudan (April 2008)

I feel wonderful. (Before the training, I thought it was hard or I could not understand.) But during the training and for the first time in my life I give so much attention to do the assignments because it is very interesting. The trainer gave me the best and she was active all the time and was always smiling. Thanks to the founder for what he gives to the world and to his active trainer too. I want to spread this amazing programme.
Aiman Elsheikh Darwish, Sudan (April 2008)

I like the way the trainer made me opened up my mind and perspective about mathematics and teaching. She made me realised my potential in teaching maths and other lessons. She made me feel great. She knows what she is talking about and her target. She made it clear to me and made me deliver my 110% of my effort. Thanks for teaching me to be a great leader. I am not afraid to face challenges again and I will do as what you have taught me to do.
Jasida Mohd Zain, Kelantan (May 2008)

The training was very informative, precise and helpful. Gives insight to CMA and general teaching skills. The trainer has positive approach which is very encouraging. She is clear and detailed. Her delivery method is just perfect. Overall, it is a fruitful training.
V. Balu Devado, Selangor(May 2008)

Overall the training is very interesting and exciting. All the lessons are well explained by the trainer. It has allowed me to know how to use abacus and how to transform abacus arithmetic to mental arithmetic. The trainer is very friendly, well prepared and the training material is very clear.
C.I. Tan, Selangor (May 2008)

The training is well organised. The trainer is very talented, teaching materials were very helpful and increased our understanding immensely. Our communication skills with students, parents and teachers as well as our teaching skills were increased to a great extent by the end of the course. Thank you very much!
Amjad Ezzaldin Mohamed Hamza, Sudan (June 2008)

I would like to first thank God for bringing us together in this amazing training. I want to thank CMA founder and trainer. They have my sincere gratitude and respect. I can already feel that my mathematics, concentration and memory have improved.
Mohamed Alsidiq Alamin Ahmed, Sudan (June 2008)

I took in as much information as I could on teaching skills and how to simplify mathematical procedures. Thanks to the founder, trainer and the organizer.
Babiker Yousif Babiker, Sudan (June 2008)

I would like to extend my gratitude to the founder, trainer and organizer. I gained a lot learning CMA and how to teach. I pray to God that I will be able to use this valuable information to serve my nation.
Mogtaba Ahmed Yousif, Sudan (June 2008)

The trainer has mastered the art of training. Her technique is very enjoyable and she is able to deliver the information in a very easy, simple and yet clear way. She has a way of attracting the attention of the participants to a great extent. Very stylish. She can amazingly communicate with all her students, very dedicated and has a high level of self endurance. For me, CMA is new, fun and easry to learn and the benefit is great!
Zeinab Mohamed Makki, Sudan (June 2008)

The teaching was excellent. The trainer has the ability to deliver the information. She respected everyone and encouraged each one of the participants. She is very humble and fun to be with. She made CMA seemed like a very easy subject because we enjoyed every minute of it!
Gosai Ahmed Mohamed, Sudan (June 2008)

Thanks to the trainer. I have not only benefited in learning CMA, but also in gaining more teaching skills. The trainer was just wonderful. The founder really affected and inspired us.
Sharaf Eldin Mohamed Ahmed, Sudan (June 2008)

I have really enjoyed the training. The trainer is very hardworking. She is marvelous in teaching, her English is fluent and he procedure is very simple. I wish the trainer good luck because she gives everything in teaching. My appreciation to the founder as her is a great man.
Kamal Kassab, Sudan(June 2008)

It was an impressive and beneficial training. I learnt a lot more about teaching and my calculation skills will definitely improve with time. A special thanks to the founder and trainer for their time and effort to help us.
Salah Omer, Sudan(June 2008)

I have really enjoyed the training because of the effectiveness of the trainer. She is well qualified and used simple language mixed with fun teaching methods which made understanding very easy and the course enjoyable.
Mohamed Abdel Hafeez, Sudan (June 2008)

I have enjoyed the training. It enhanced my abilities and enriched my knowledge of teaching techniques. The most important point is that now I know mental arithmetic. I hope I will be able to use CMA to increase the mental capabilities of young students. The trainer has been wonderful and was very friendly. I am looking forward to meeting her in another course in the near future.
Mohamed Elhag Ahmed, Sudan (June 2008)

The most wonderful teaching and presentation techniques and the availability of various impressive teaching materials. This is a new input to our curriculum. I would like to compliment the trainer on her fun but firm technique in training that gives a very clear and simple explanation of the subject. She effectively spread a very lively and exciting spirit. We really hope to commit to her teaching and advices and be of great benefit to our students, family and nation. I thank the organizer and my deepest gratitude and admiration to the founder for the knowledge he is offering to all humanity!
Ali Osman Gadour, Sudan (June 2008)

The training was excellent and the method used to train us was easy, simple and very clear. I wish CMA will spread and be taught all around the world especially Sudan because it is very useful as it is easy, excellent and modern. I want to thank the founder and trainer for training and helping us.
Taiseer Mohamed Almubarak, Sudan (June 2008)

I am very happy and lucky to have attended the training.
Alawia Ali, Sudan (June 2008)

When I first came here I did not think that within a short period I could learn something useful but the trainer is a great person. She made if simple and understandable. I believe if I had a teacher like her when I was young, I would have been the greatest in mathematics! I want to congratulate the founder for the wonderful books and materials; they make a difference in the world.
Leena Kaddam, Sudan (June 2008)

The training was successful and I gained new ideas, more experience in the educational system as it was a real mental development for each participant. Thanks to the founder, trainer and the organizer.
Mohamed Abdel Rahman Abdallah, Sudan (June 2008)

The training was very informative and effective. We instantly felt improved and developed upon completion. The program was very organized and took the trainee step by step towards learning the basics of CMA and how to become a successful trainer. We were blessed with the wonderful trainer who is very talented and very convincing. She is a very strong, firm yet smooth and kind trainer. She kept us awake and alert for long hours without us feeling or noticing it because we were having fun the entire time. She really did convey useful information to us and let us enjoy it every step of the way. My sincere thanks to the founder and the organizer.
Reem Ismail Mohamed, Sudan (June 2008)

I am happy with the training program and the trainer.? She shares with us her experiences and gives guidance all the time.
Ivy Pang, Selangor (July 2008)

The training is well structured and interesting. I have learnt and gained valuable knowledge. The trainer is excellent! She kept me awake all the time. I am glad I made the decision to join this training course.
SC Hneah, Penang (July 2008)

I would like to thank the founder of CMA for the respected and valuable knowledge I have received and to allow me to think. The trainer was patient, friendly and hardworking to pass on the knowledge to me. I enjoyed the training as it was able to grab the participants attention for the entire training program. Therefore, we would be happy to start CMA very soon in my country.
Helmy Salem, Saudi Arabia (July 2008)

The training was creative and the narration was clear for me to learn about the course and CMAs philosophy. The trainer with her humbleness, sincerity, kindness, patience and high class dealing with different nationalities and background, showed us the simplicity of a successful teacher with ultimate character. I would like to thank the trainer for her good manners, and I hope god would facilitate for me to be the CMA representative in my own countries. I would be honoured to disseminate this marvelous knowledge among my own people.
Fuad Madhi, Saudi Arabia (July 2008)

The training was effective. The trainer delivered the contents clearly and she was very patient. I felt happy and had fun and got what I desired to learn as I had no prior teaching experience. Thank you CMA for giving me the opportunity to know the skills and how to be a good teacher.
CC Ooi, Johor (August 2008)

The trainer was excellent. Timely, lively, precise, very focus and very presentable. Course materials are duly provided and presentation tools are good. Good job, well done!
Kevin Yap, Kuala Lumpur (October 2008)

The training is very good and not just abacus mental arithmetic but motivational too. CMA is fantastic. Prior to the training, I thought the training would be insufficient. In fact, it is not and thanks to my trainer that had done a quick, clear speedy training. I will start CMA in Nov 08. CMA will be a popular course.
April Hiew, Selangor (October 2008)

The course is wonderful. I really enjoyed and gained a lot from CMA. Thank you. The trainer is really great. She really can explain things very well and a caring person. I really appreciate her excellent teaching. I hope that one day I can be able to teach like her. Thank you very much to the founder who has introduced such a wonderful programme. Excellent programme and well done!
Malarchelvi, Kuala Lumpur (October 2008)

The training was well organised. Conducive environment, very helpful staff, materials given are helpful and useful, course structure are very detailed and clear. Most importantly, the master trainer is very professional, the subject is in her blood, very tactful and approachable. In conclusion, CMA has a good programme and strong support staff.
LC Gan, Kuala Lumpur (October 2008)

The trainer made the whole learning easy to understand especially for first time learner like me. It was a good experience and the complete and systematic ways are proof of how CMA system works. Thank you.
Jeffrey Lim, Kuala Lumpur (October 2008)

The training is satisfactory, It is a wonderful experience. Thank you.
John Lucan, Selangor (October 2008)

The trainer is excellent. She provided easy to follow guides and gave truthful sharing in her quest to attain the best method in abacus mental arithmetic. She is clear, concise and precise. She delivered her topics/contents accurately, and is easily accessible. I would definitely recommend the training to fellow friends.
MC Leong, Selangor (October 2008)

A very good introduction on abacus mental arithmetic skills and EQ lessons. A very clear and step-by-step guidance from the trainer. A very systematic programme. Effective teaching methodology and has been delivered in a very efficient way. It is a carefully designed programme.
Sinnamah, Selangor (October 2008)

Excellent training venue and facilities and very professional staff. Teaching method and techniques used were easy to understand. The trainer was helpful and very knowledgeable and is very passionate in teaching. I have learnt and gained very valuable new knowledge and technique in enhancing the power of my brain.
Christopher F., Sarawak (December 2008)

I feel very happy and have enjoyed learning the programme. I came in with no knowledge at all but now I am able to handle on my own now. So amazing. I hope to become a partner of CMA soon to teach more students. The trainer is good and I learnt a lot from her.
YC Lim, Kuala Lumpur (December 2008)

I believe this is where I should start my next path of my career. The trainer was patient in teaching, her voice is clear and friendly.
SP Tang, Selangor (December 2008)

I love this training. I learnt so much and benefited a lot from this training. I will not have the fear to set up a centre and taking this programme. The trainer has been nice and helpful since my first conversation with her. Thank you.
Serene C., Perak (December 2008)

This training is very fruitful. The training material is enough and the training equipment is advance including multimedia. We learnt so much. Can make a no-experience teacher start a class and handle their students after training. I plan to start as a good trainer or start this as a new career.
PF Chuah, N. Sembilan (December 2008)

The trainer is patient, energetic and willing to answer to any question. She is excellent. I would like to say "Terima kasih" for her effort to make me cleverer.
Sani, Indonesia (December 2008)

The course has benefited me and spontaneously changed my teaching method. I was amazed when I saw my son could calculate in a fast manner. I came for the training because I wanted to know the secrets of CMA. I discovered that learning the skill is easy, the teaching method is fun and children can learn the fun way. The trainer is enthusiastic. If I can teach like her and maintain her spirit, I will be happier and can give more. The course has changed my thinking and I am proud to complete the course and now I set my mind to teach children. Thank you.
BF Choo, Selangor (December 2008)

The trainer is very competent, well control in timing. Training course material was also well designed. The training has been conducted in a very open and friendly environment, easy to absorb the learning. Training environment is great. Great course that more people should attend.
CW Kok, Johor (December 2008)

Overall training is good. I am very happy as I know how to use abacus mental arithmetic.
Vin Lim, Johor (December 2008)

I learnt a lot. The trainer has given her best effort. She is very energetic and made teaching lively and interesting all the time.
Cindy, Kuala Lumpur (March 2009)

The trainer is excellent. She makes sure we understand the lessons. Overall training was exciting, fun and I really enjoyed every moment in the class. I consider CMA as a mind-blowing concept of teaching and playing with numbers. I have learnt how easy arithmetic can be.
K. Guna Devi, Selangor (March 2009)

I found it an exciting and enjoyable class. I learnt a lot of things. The exercises helped to clear my mind. It has also helped me a lot in calculating speedily and with accuracy. Thanks a lot.
PF Low, Selangor (March 2009)

I am infinitely glad that I am able to attend this course. It has opened my eyes to several opportunities. The trainer, I found to be a human being of exceptional warmth and intelligence. She efficiently imparted the CMA philosophy and techniques on me and other class members. She is a first-rate instructress from whom I intend to continue to benefit.
Umar, Nigeria (March 2009)

Wow! Have enjoyed the training. The trainer was fantastic, have communicated well and her class was stimulating, engaging and interesting. Going back home 6000 km+ and all fired up and confident of my ability to impart my new knowledge to hungry little minds wanting to benefit from CMA. Thanks to the trainer. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!
Sheikh H., Nigeria (March 2009)

Thanks to the trainer for guiding us patiently throughout the training. Teaching skills which were incorporated into the training were very beneficial to me. I understood the concept of mental arithmetic and abacus skills taught. The trainer was very systematic and able to manage the time well.
Kristnadevi, Selangor (March 2009)

The training is great and amazing. It has managed to enhance my teaching skills and passion. The trainer is wonderful. I can feel her sincerity and her passion in teaching. I wish I could be a wonderful teacher like her. Education is not just about  making profits but being able to serve and to satisfy others is more precious and wonderful.
S.H. Choo, Johor (March 2009)

The materials were professionally prepared. The trainer was very honest, enthusiastic and presented the training in an exciting way. The course gave me the impression that mental math is very easy to learn and very easy to teach. The course outline gave us a clear idea that CMA is well-organised, honest effort and precious time is spent to make it efficient and effective. The course offers good ideas for anyone who wants to explore CMA programme as a business. I believe I have very clear information on the subject. Thanks. Good luck.
Omar, Syria (June 2009)

The trainer was great, adequate and motivational. She gave me what I expected and more, and if I were here in Malaysia I would send my two children to CMA. The trainer is also very observant.
T. Azem, Syria (June 2009)

I enjoyed the training! The trainer is a wonderful teacher. She is creative and does not make learning boring. Thank you! I achieved my goal of learning to use the abacus. Knowing I could do mental arithmetic after the training is very fulfilling. I hope to teach all my children this excellent mental arithmetic tool.Thank you for bringing this to Malaysia. I feel that all children should learn mental math as it will definitely enhance their mental skills.
Kathrynn Foong, Selangor (June 2009)

I enjoyed being trained by the trainer as she was very clear and helpful during the training. The course is beneficial as it makes me understand the mystery of abacus and mental arithmetic. A great eye-opener and excellent self-enrichment!
C.H. Yap, Selangor (June 2009)

Overall the training was perfect. The trainer did her best. She is an excellent trainer and very patient as well. This training gave the full picture of the use of abacus and mental arithmetic. A great invention - the technique to do all the four skills is unbelievable. I really enjoyed the training.
Suguna, Selangor (June 2009)

The thought of my grandpa who used the abacus when I was a little child had led me to attend this training. The training is good and had made me understood not just the abacus but knowing the power of imagination. It is so great that I believe it can help to create a normal child to become a genius child for anyone who attends the programme.
Tanida, Thailand (July 2009)

The training is interesting and fun; I learnt a lot. The learning materials are very systematic and useful to help us start teaching. The training is easy to follow. The trainer explained very clearly and did a very good job.
Margaret Ooi, Selangor (July 2009)

The training is great and well planned. It is meaningful and I feel very happy. The trainer is good who taught full heartedly, responsible and accountable throughout the training.
Jeff Ng, Kuala Lumpur (July 2009)

The training is inter-active, programme is well-tailored to cater for all and systematic too. The trainer is professional and she sets up a happy mood in the class. I am very excited and ever-ready to promote this programme and reach out to as many people as I can.
Elayne Cheong, Selangor (July 2009)

I enjoyed attending the class and overall is as good as per my expectation. Thank you.
S.Y. Chew, Selangor (July 2009)

I normally do not like Mathematics, but after joining this programme, I am confident that I will be able to teach and relate all the correct information to children without fear. The trainer was wonderful and delivered the message clearly. It was very interesting to learn mental arithmetic.
Jit Kaur, Selangor (July 2009)

The training has been very interesting and knowledgeable course to take up. For a person like me who does not really like maths, this had made me like numbers. The whole course is very systematic and well-structured. Anyone with any background can do the course. The trainer is good, intelligent and humble. She is always there to help and answer all your questions. Thank you CMA, the founder and the trainer.
Victoria Yuen, Selangor (July 2009)

The trainer taught clearly throughout the lessons. They were never boring and the trainer set a good example of good time management. The lessons involved 2-way communication which is seldom practiced by others.
Maggie, Thailand (July 2009)

I have new knowledge on arithmetic, able to know how to stimulate both sides of the brain plus EQ. The training was very exciting and lively. The trainer ensured every participant learned and participated. She was able to give confidence to participants to coach/teach. She was approachable and helpful. I plan to open a CMA centre.
GL Khoo, Sabah (July 2009)

The trainer is excellent. She knows exactly what to deliver and what trainees want. She shows the actual field experiences and able to give solutions (to eliminate all worries that I faced). Training materials are good and easy to understand. The important thing is I have picked up the skills and technique after the training. I can advance my goal now in opening a CMA centre in the near future. Thanks to the trainer for her guidance and patience. Thanks to the founder for having developed this great technique.
C.F. Cheng, Perak (July 2009)

It had been very effective learning experience on CMA 2-hand arithmetic system, the founder's philosophy for successful learning and interesting practical teaching techniques. I have gained a deeper understanding on the usefulness of mental arithmetic learning, mental concentration, fast and effective thinking, enhancement on memory. CMA will propel to greater heights and wider reach. I plan to share and teach CMA to more people, young and old in Malaysia and beyond. Thank you very much once again for sharing your great passion in building people through CMA.
LY Leong, Selangor (July 2009)

The trainer was great as she was able to deliver the subject matter very well and dedicated her adequate attention to the trainee's needs. The training had successfully encapsulated all the basic foundation, teaching and communication/ relationship within a short time period. It was an interesting and impressive training.
Mariah, Selangor (July 2009)

The training was informative and had broadened my horizons. The trainer was very precise and gave good guidance step by step. She is positive and patient. I gained a lot of knowledge from this programme.
Claudine Chan, Selangor (July 2009)

I would like to thank the trainer as she was very helpful and she made CMA easier and possible to learn. I am very thankful that I did CMA. I am very happy to be here and I wish to thank the founder too.
Mohd Mubarak, Saudi Arabia (August 2009)

I would like to thank the trainer for the great training she had given to me. The class was very enjoyable as we had fun learning mental arithmetic. She gave a lot of useful information and she was able to explain very clearly. Before I attended the course, I was struggling with numbers, but now I know it is easy to deal with numbers. This programme will help all generations.
Mohammed Abd Karem, Saudi Arabia (August 2009)

The training was systematic and I could learn easily step by step. It was conducted professionally and good service was rendered. I found it challenging, motivating and very interesting
Amanda Ong, Selangor (August 2009)

Thank you very much to the trainer, your energy really made me boost up my own energy to meet my dreams.
Tracy Ee, Johor (September 2009)

The founder has created a very good programme that can benefit many people. The trainer had also done a good job. She makes the training process very smooth and fun. She understands the programme very well.
PH Chua, Johor (September 2009)

I believe this method is very useful. The trainer is very kind and had helped me to learn this method. Her teaching has high quality.
Mohammad T., Iran (September 2009)

The training methods were participatory, lively and comprehensive. The trainer was simply great! She is very patient, cheerful and giving.
Fatimah A., Nigeria (November 2009)

The training was well conducted. The materials given were adequate, and we had a good and enlightening time. The trainer was excellent and she made sure that we all understood. We are better equipped now mentally, spiritually and physically to handle teaching as CMA teachers in Nigeria.
Zaynab H., Nigeria (November 2009)

The training is very interesting because I really achieved the things I wanted and my mental ability really improved more. About the trainer, I believe before she can be brought to Nigeria to train CMA, she must have been the best trainer. I enjoyed her teaching very much!
Adelaja A.O, Nigeria (November 2009)

A wonderful training as the trainer took her time to impart all the necessary skills to us. I can now with full confidence stand anywhere to teach CMA. I want to express my happiness to the founder and trainer for sacrificing their time and energy to teach us thoroughly. Thanks.
Babagana A., Nigeria (November 2009)

CMA programme is a wonderful programme. I enjoyed the course taught. The founder is a wonderful person and the trainer is a very talented person. I feel like continuing the programme with the trainer.
Stella O.U, Nigeria (November 2009)

The training was illuminating and fun, I was able to learn a lot from the trainer. Most importantly, I was able to improve my confidence level and also to increase my concentration level.

The trainer was very active and effective and was able to make every minute of the training interesting and beneficial. I also appreciated the method of teaching.
Ilori V., Nigeria (November 2009)

This training is such a wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. It is so wonderful, it has added so much enthusiasm to me. It makes me feel so smart and I feel like doing everything at the fastest pace. I feel so encouraged and decisive. The trainer is marvelous, always smiling and alert all the time, I wish to be like her because she is so encouraging and full of action. Thanks to the trainer.
Usman S., Nigeria (November 2009)

I enjoyed every bit of the training. It has been very stimulating and rewarding indeed. The trainers are professionals to the core in their fields. They know their subject and are professional teachers. One cannot fault them.
Baba Lawan, Nigeria (November 2009)

I have never had such an experience as this in my life. I am very fortunate. Thanks to the founder and trainer. You make a great team. I saw a high level of cohesion and adhesion in your teachings: your discipline as to keeping to time and passion as to communicate the CMA vision was very visible. Once again I want to say thank you!!
O. Lewis, Nigeria (November 2009)

I have been a trained teacher and have been practicing teaching and learning of mathematics education for 25 years. However, I have never come across or pass through a training course like this before. The founder and trainer are gifted teachers and extraordinary pleasant human beings in the teaching profession. We have to say a big THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.
Lemo, Nigeria (November 2009)

I have learnt new things from my exceptionally great trainer. She has greatly enhanced my confidence to appear on stage and has been very kind and understanding in the classroom. I have learnt much about the systems. My training was definitely a very successfully venture.
Ahmad N. S., Nigeria (November 2009)

CMA is one of the most interesting programme I have ever done in my life. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Before I enrolled into CMA, I was not an outspoken person. I used to shy away from the public. Whenever my name is mentioned in the public, I would start having palpitations. CMA is not all about empowering the younger generations, it has also changed me. I am now more confident.
Usman M., Nigeria (November 2009)

The founder and trainer were very professional, superb, efficient and dedicated. They also interacted beautifully with the teachers. Such a great team. Great efforts and care were put in the training and it achieved its purpose. I am 100% confident that I have improved greatly as a teacher.
Niyi A., Nigeria (November 2009)

It was indeed an excellent training I ever attended. I was having doubts at first on whether I could grasp everything but the doubts cleared as the course progressed. The training was really well planned, tested and proven. Everything was in order and well thought, synchronised and balanced. I am actually amazed on the awesome technique and method that CMA has developed. My heartiest congratulations to the founder and all at CMA. CMA is very fortunate to have a trainer who has done such a wonderful/ great/ fabulous job and personally I think she should be ranked among the world's top trainers. Kudos!!
Mihad A. H., Kuala Lumpur (December 2009)

The trainer is very good and confident. This good training has helped us to elevate our teaching quality. It will also help us to teach using the correct technique. Conducive environment will help learners learn better and faster. The training has helped on my EQ too.
Shaszlinnaaida S, Kuala Lumpur (December 2009)

The training was very informative. Easy to understand and was also very lively. The training also built self confidence and motivation. The trainer did a marvelous/ great job. She delivered the presentation smoothly and was very helpful. She also kept motivating the participants to do well and to be successful in the future.
Latifiyana Y., Selangor (December 2009)

The training has given me a lot of new experiences. It can be considered as a transformation in my life. The programme is easy to understand. Moreover, it is easy to apply too. I truly appreciate the uniqueness of the programme. I personally like the trainer very much. She is self-confident and a motivated person. With her, I can see my vision can be achieved easily. Her approach is easy to understand and easy to apply. Everyone sees her lesson as very interesting and interactive. I sincerely thank her for bringing the changes in my life.
Candy Tan, Kuala Lumpur (December 2009)

The training was fun and well managed. The speech of the course, materials and the environment are all well planned and managed. The trainer is lovely, caring and experienced teacher. She understood the participants' needs and able to deliver what we wanted/ expected.
Pearly Tung, Selangor (December 2009)

The training is very comprehensive and very enjoyable. It was an eye opening experience and stimulating. The trainer took care of our feelings and made sure that we all understood and participated in all the activities and lessons. The classroom atmosphere was conducive for training and meals were well provided and planned. The trainer is excellent, very enthusiastic, always smiling and bursting with energy, never showing a single frown. All the CMA programmes have been well laid out and planned.
Catherine Tan, Kuala Lumpur (December 2009)

Initially I thought I could not imagine the picture in my mind to do mental arithmetic but it works for me now. I can imagine with abacus picture in my mind for calculations. This is a wonderful class for me to learn mental arithmetic.
FY Chin, Kuala Lumpur (January 2010)

The training is wonderful, full of fun and outstanding. The trainer is the best I have ever met, the class conducted by her was never boring. The training materials were also very complete. Food was wonderful too. The training environment was very peaceful and comfortable. Thank you for giving me the chance to attend the training. I will use and practice it in real life.
YS Kong, Selangor (January 2010)

After the training, I can count numbers faster and easier. This programme is very systematic, very easy to follow. When I return to Kuching, I will recommend to all my friends and relatives about CMA! I was taught by a perfect trainer. She gave me a lot of information that I needed, taught me how to teach and so on. The trainer is also ready to teach us whereas compared to other trainers that I have met before, they still needed to follow the steps, looked at the papers and so on. I enjoyed it!
Michelle Tan, Sarawak (January 2010)

I gained a lot in this training. It has made me more confident for my future, as a parent and as a consultant cum trainer in my current job. I learnt how to be a good trainer from the trainer, because she had given us good guidelines. After attending this training, I hope to make a change from my current comfort zone as an employee. I want to have my own education centre and this time to be my own boss. Thanks to the trainer and CMA.
Christine Chee, Selangor (January 2010)

I am very happy with the programme. I like the way the trainer taught us step by step on what to do and gave us real life examples. The structure is very easy to understand and we had lots of practice to enforce our understanding. The trainer shows great support, care and responsibility by providing us with proper guidelines. I will highly recommend this programme to those who want to pursue a career in mental arithmetic.
Angie Wan, Selangor (January 2010)

This training is very enlightening, given me a better perspective about mental arithmetic. I am also very amazed and surprised by the different kind of approaches used to deliver arithmetic to children. The approaches are fun and differ each time. Thanks to the trainer for the wonderful and exciting training. She is always very energetic and excited in her teaching. I hope to instill her kind of positive attitude in me. The training materials are very precise and easy to understand.
PC Ng, Selangor (January 2010)

I found that CMA is a very systematic programme which helps not only the teacher but also children. It has value added components unlike other conventional mental arithmetic centres. The trainer is friendly and patient. I have asked lots of questions about CMA and she is willing to share her knowledge and experience with me. What I like most about CMA is the quality control by their Head Office in Taiwan, not just the syllabus but even the examinations! This helps to ascertain that CMA is internationally recognised and controlled. I am also amazed by the types and numbers of books available. It is definitely much better than other locally founded mental arithmetic centres.
Joey Ng, Perak (January 2010)

The training is very fulfilling. I enjoyed the training and learnt a lot of abacus arithmetic especially. Lessons are very well structured too. The trainer has been great, able to generate participation and answered the questions arise from the floor. My confidence level has gone up a lot.
MM Liew, Selangor (March 2010)

Thanks to the trainer - very good and intelligent. This programme helps me a lot in my studies. I am currently a university student taking Bachelor of Education (Hons) and majoring in Mathematics. I am lucky to find this training programme. I have fun in the class because I get to practise all the teaching techniques, teaching approach and different methods to handle the students. All these I do not get to learn in the university. Thank you, CMA.
Kelly Chin, Kuala Lumpur (March 2010)

Training: well planned, good directions, meets/went beyond my expectations.
Trainer : Wonderful, nice, very patient, good vocal, professional.
Meor S., Kelantan (March 2010)

This is a great programme - great structure and comprehensive. I came here initially with doubts whether I could absorb all the teaching in this period. But upon completion, I am confident that I can teach not just my son but also to open up a centre. I am very grateful to the trainer who had presented the programme well in a very interesting way. Thank you for teaching us so well.
Ananthi M., Kuala Lumpur (March 2010)

Trainer is excellent and CMA is fun and interesting.
Alice Goh, Johor (March 2010)

I am happy to have the chance to attend the training. The trainer gave us a whole idea of CMA, the curriculum, teaching methods, tools media, concept of which gave me a clear idea about the programme and how it can be applied. The trainer was clear, energetic, cooperative and made the process very easy. Thanks.
Amina Abdulla, U.A.E. (March 2010)

I learnt lots of things. I like the trainer. She gives clear information on CMA method. I love maths and by using CMA both-hand system, is excellent, faster way compared to using one hand only. Our brain become more active. It makes me like to teach kids now and I know the important teachings of CMA. I am confident and really like the trainer's teachings.
Liyana, Kuala Lumpur (May 2010)

I had a wonderful experience. I want to thank the trainer because she is understanding. English is not my first language and she tried to make me understand. I really learnt a lot of things here. Although I am a tutor, I never knew how to teach a child. I just know the academic skills and pass to them. After the training, I can become a better teacher than before. I really enjoyed. I am more confident. I grow in this training.
HC Sim, Johor (May 2010)

I had attended a lot of workshops, but this one was the BEST training ever. The trainer was amazing, she made everything simple and easy. I felt so much at home because she was so friendly and giving. The training worth every minute passed in the aeroplane, every penny spent. Thank you so much for your energy and love. Sincerely.
Rabab H., Bahrain (May 2010)

Contents:- 1. Rich 2. Focused 3. Comprehensive 4. Easy to understand and follow. 5. A lot of home assignments which helps to understand the process/ skills.
Trainer:- 1. Inspiring 2. Supportive 3. Competent 4. Great facilitator 5. Understanding 6. Friendly 7. Very well prepared 8. Well in control (One of the best I have ever come across)
Location:- Very Good
Teaching Tools:- Excellent (multimedia, boards, notes, role plays etc.)
Graidah, Saudi Arabia (May 2010)

The trainer is nice. She gives simple and easy explanations to make me understand. I am happy to attend the training as it has given me more self-confidence in reaching my goals and also the teaching skills. The way the trainer leads us is very interesting. She creates a lot of fun; this should be the right technique. Really, thousand thank you to CMA for organising this training course to the public. I will introduce it to others.
CW Wong, Kuala Lumpur (May 2010)

Good programme + Good trainer = Good training!
MH Chua, Johor (May 2010)

1. It was a joy being in the course. 2. Well introduced. 3. The trainer is a great person and an outstanding teacher. 4. I was so impressed by the well organization of the course materials and content.
Ahmed E.S., Bahrain (May 2010)

I feel very happy after undergoing the training. I believe I can be a good and successful teacher.
Rosnah H., Kelantan (June 2010)

I am so excited to get this experience. A wonderful experience. A fun atmosphere and not boring, this makes me enjoyed the session. The trainer is very kind and caring. She always smiles to us, and this makes me proud to myself even though I just learnt to be a teacher. Overall, I am satisfied with the environment, trainer, staff and all the materials, also the education that I have learnt. Thanks a lot to the founder and trainer.
Nurliyana H., Kelantan (June 2010)

This is my first experience. I found it really fun by using the methods and techniques. I love attending training in CMA as I do not feel boring along the way. I found it very interesting and making my brain works faster than before. Everyone is friendly in CMA. Honestly, the trainer is the best teacher I have ever met. She can teach everyone and everyone can follow her. If I google the word "Teacher", I should only find her name. She was kind to everybody. I enjoyed attending her class. Thanks to the founder who brought this to my life. I really appreciate it.
Hazwani N., Kelantan (June 2010)

Training:- Before I came for the training, I was worried and skeptical. After the training, it changed my thoughts. I want to say thank you very much. Trainer:- Thank you very much to the trainer. Because she is good + the best + fun trainer. She is so beautiful.
Sucy Lee, Selangor (June 2010)

I like the training. My confidence is built up. Through the training, I found teaching can be so fun, easy, happy and creative. I like the teaching system. I must say I like the trainer. She is a good trainer, quite funny, friendly and cheerful. She makes everyone know we are the best! I learnt a lot from her. I hope to see her again.
Jenny Chin, Sabah (June 2010)

The Master Trainer is nice. Overall, the training course is easy and comfortable.
Chloe Lau, Johor (July 2010)

Good trainer. She has the patience to guide through all the steps. The materials are useful for the learners. The course is conducted smoothly.
Verney Lau, Selangor (July 2010)

I feel very happy. I have learnt a lot of new things in this training. Thank you to the trainer who had taught me so much. She is a very helpful trainer.
XW Ng, Selangor (July 2010)