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Parents' Testimonials

Some of the testimonials from parents:
CMA Mental Arithmetic is an excellent enrichment programme. As a mother, I have been so pleasantly surprised to see how much improvement my son had made from taking CMA programme for about 8 months.

JC Low, Parent

I am glad that I made the right decision to send my daughter to attend CMA programme. I discovered that it had made a dramatic improvement on her concentration skill and memory power. She used to have problems memorising musical notes but now no more.

YK Chan, Parent

The most important thing of all is that both my son and daughter enjoy the abacus mental arithmetic class so much that they would be very upset if they had to miss any class. I would strongly recommend this unique programme offered by CMA.

TL Zhang, Parent

When I first tried to register my son to learn abacus, my husband was very skeptical about the programme. He questioned me why. But now my husband always aks our son to demonstrate his abacus skill to our friends and relatives. We are preparing our second son to attend this program. I strongly endorse CMA programme.

Jean Tan, Parent

I have been impressed that my daughter does the homework and finishes it herself. I don't even need to ask her to do it. She has more confidence. The teacher is caring and patient.

Marcus Lim, Parent

CMA programme not only speed up maths skill but also build up a positive learning attitude. The teacher gives encouragement.

HS Teng, Parent

I believe that with CMA systematic training programme and learning materials, my son is going to benefit a lot.

CW Phang, Parent
I am amazed at how much CMA training can do. My 7 year old daughter has been learning Abacus for 6 months and I can already see how much it has helped her. The teacher is professional and always motivates her.

Mariam, Parent

Mrs Vanessa Lee with her 3 children – Vicki, Vonnie and Velex

 “ My 3 kids only attend CMA classes.  I don’t send my children for other tuition because my husband and I feel that “Brain is an Asset” to our children.  We believe in CMA programme.  Once their brains are stimulated, they can become strong and intelligent.  They have no problem in learning other school subjects.  In fact, they are always top students in class.  Their school teachers praise them too and other parents always find out from me how I train my children.  I will certainly recommend CMA programme to other parents.  “

Mr MP Lee with daughter, Ker-Vie

“My daughter is more self confident and is more responsive to people surrounding her”


My 2 children like to attend classes and they find the learning fun. Not only mathematics, there is so much for them to explore, like IQ and EQ training.

Sharon Leong, Parent

Our 2 girls simply find the course challenging; not boring or over pressure for them.

Molly Silva, Parent

Your teachers are very encouraging and professional in handling my children. I chose CMA because it is very specialised and different from others.

Elizabeth Lee, Parent

My boys are hyperactive but somehow they can sit still to complete CMA work. My wife and I don't have to force them. They do their work willingly.

Azwan Johari, Parent

My 3 children can practise online (website) whenever they like. It has also made them more confident of themselves.

JL Phoon, Parent