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CMA Methodology

For Balanced Improvement of Left & Right Brain

CMA advocates the use of both hands in Mental Arithmetic as a result of research findings which showed that if both the right and left brains are stimulated together, the balanced growth will enhance your child's intelligence, ability to calculate complex arithmetic, concentrate better and longer, respond better and improve your child's memory and imaginative skills.

In keeping with the global technological advancements, our centre is a leading Mental Arithmetic Education Organization that uses multimedia-teaching techniques.

As a foundation upon which CMA was built with skills and attitude to motivate students, CMA establishes a solid and comprehensive mental arithmetic training syllabus that includes the following:

  • Both-Hand Training: To train students' right and left brain simultaneously, hence create an all-round education.
  • Relaxation Exercise: To train students' concentration and focus abilities.
  • Speed Training: To train students to have acute response when dealing with digits and stimulate latent capability.
  • Response Training: To train students' perceptibility, judging and inferring abilities.
  • Listen-and-Calculate Training: To train students' hearing ability, concentration and memory.
  • See-and-Calculate Training: To train students' patience, imaginative ability and ability of high-speed calculation.

CMA provides a unique learning environment where each student learns at his own pace with personalised teaching using carefully designed teaching materials that fit individual need and progress of student.  As such, the class can begin at any time.  It is an interesting phenomenon in CMA that students with different levels of skills can embark the course in the same classroom using different levels of learning materials and progress at different speed.  This proactive teaching method between the teacher and students encourages an interactive and cooperative learning environment that captivates the interest of the student in learning arithmetic.


  1. Complete state of the art classroom
  2. Multimedia based teaching plus use of  audio visual  aids


(A) Left Brain and Right Brain

What does it mean to be left-brain or right-brain dominant?

Many scientists agree that there seem to be two mode of thinking: the intuitive, creative mode of the right brain hemisphere and the highly logical, organised mode of the left brain hemisphere.

Our personalities are determined, to a great degree, by our preferred mode of thinking and reasoning.

Actually, our dominant brain mode is a very fascination thing to explore, and it can tell us a lot about how we can study and learn more efficiently.

 Left Brain Dominant Traits

People who are left-brain dominant tend to be:

  • organised
  • logical
  • detail oriented
  • practical
  • analytical
  • objective
They are usually:
  • good at mathematics and science
  • good at making visual comparisons
  • best working in quiet atmosphere
  • thinking sequentially, one thought at a time

 Right Brain Dominant Traits

People who are right-brain dominant tend to be:

  • cluttered
  • emotion-based
  • free thinking
  • impulsive
  • intuitive
  • deep thinkers

They are usually:
  • creative writers or artists
  • good at seeing through lies and tricks
  • good at  working with background noise
  • thinking about many things at one time, comparing and contrasting thoughts

B) Report on Scientific Research:

Soroban (Abacus) and the Right Brain